Little women – Meridian children’s photographer

I couldn’t help but think of Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy as I photographed these spunky and beautiful little girls. They were so interesting. Full of life and independence. In a good way. This is why I love portrait photography! Looking for that spark that makes each person beautiful and unique, and then trying to capture it in a split second. Always a challenge, but sometimes magical when it occurs. Jennifer and Daniel, what a legacy you have been given in these precious girls. Enjoy!

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On the farm with John Deere – Meridian children’s photographer

So I’m beginning to think I like shooting country life the best.  It just feels so. . . right! Even though the only thing that makes me country is our chickens, which I refuse to have anything to do with:)  I had tons of fun with these two little guys who were roaming their grandpa’s farm one fine morning. There’s just something about boys and tractors belonging together (like yellow and green).



The C family – Meridian family photographer

I was so very happy to do pictures for my good friends, Anna and Wayne, visiting all the way from Colorado. We’ve missed them so much, and it was great to catch up a little amidst the very full week that they had here. I should have had a video camera rolling to catch me trying to coax smiles out of some very serious kids. In the end though, the whoopie cushion got them. It always does. Anna, I’m so glad you went through the hassle of finding clothes, scheduling time and making this all happen. I hope the end results are lifelong reminders that it was all worth it! Enjoy!

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Brand new Camden – Meridian newborn photographer

I’m so happy for this family of 4, who recently became a family of 5. They were one of the very first families I had the opportunity to photograph (see them again, here), and Becky has been so very supportive of my pictures from the beginning.  It was a privilege to document some sweet moments with their brand new baby. No matter how many times I hold a tiny newborn, there is always a little something inside me that melts. Wispy hairs, scrawny toes, dimpled elbows. Each little part is a miracle. John and Becky, you are truly blessed!

camdenblog6camdenblog8camdenblog7camdenblog9camdenblog10camdenblog3camdenblog2camdenblog4camdenblog1camdenblog5camdenblog11I just had to add this candid I caught. Love it.


So long, farewell.

Well, the time has come. It’s been so much fun trying my hand at photography and learning a ton in the process. Sadly, other things in my life have suffered due to my somewhat whacked out priorities over the past year. Yes, my baseboards have been ignored (actually, those have always been ignored). My dinner meal prep has consisted of frozen pizza and bagged salad (not that there’s anything wrong with that). My spiritual self is glum (so very hard to admit). My husband and I can only wave in passing (sometimes we actually make contact and give each other a high five). And my kids think the computer is a member of the family (that gets a little more attention then they do). I have a slightly optimistic tendancy to think that I am superwoman and can do it all. Fact is, I can’t. So for now, I’m hanging up my photographer hat and trying to remind myself that I am a wife, mother and child of God. Hopefully, I can return to the place where those are enjoyable things. Thank you so, so much to all the photography lovers out there who have supported me beyond what I thought was possible! Also, not to worry, any clients who have already scheduled a session with me or discussed a session coming up in the fall are completely safe. I will certainly keep to any commitment already made! However, beyond that, I will not be accepting any new sessions at this time. A little sad, but also quite relieving to be able to say that. Thanks again:)


Kaley + Dakoda – Meridian Wedding Photographer

Kaley and Dakoda. They’ve only known each other since they were 4. Growing up together, they shared sunday school and summer camp, always aware of each other’s presence, but not really knowing where it would all lead. Perhaps it took some time apart to confirm the love that had been there all along. And when Dakoda came home from joining the military, they both just. . . knew. Kaley and Dakoda, I wish you all the best in the years to come! And Kaley, I hope you can figure out how to get even with all his crazy jokes:)

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One big happy family – Meridian family photographer

Ahhh, the Brown family.  Such dear friends and such a pleasure to spend a perfect evening with at the Idaho Botanical Gardens.  We’ve been pretty much copying their family plan, but we had to let them forge on to new territory with baby number five!  Megan, I don’t know how you remain so calm, cool and collected with all the chaos around you, but you’ve grown into such an amazing mom.  I’m glad you are my friend and we can share stories about spilt milk and sleepless nights, but then go home encouraged and up to the challenge.  I’m so happy we finally got a chance to capture some sweet moments of you and your beautiful family.  Enjoy!