Kaley + Dakoda – Meridian Wedding Photographer

Kaley and Dakoda. They’ve only known each other since they were 4. Growing up together, they shared sunday school and summer camp, always aware of each other’s presence, but not really knowing where it would all lead. Perhaps it took some time apart to confirm the love that had been there all along. And when Dakoda came home from joining the military, they both just. . . knew. Kaley and Dakoda, I wish you all the best in the years to come! And Kaley, I hope you can figure out how to get even with all his crazy jokes:)

meridian-idaho-wedding-photographer-backyardmeridian-idaho-wedding-photographer-prepFirst look!meridian-idaho-wedding-photography-firstlookmeridian-idaho-wedding-photography-firstlook2meridian-idaho-wedding-photographer-portraitsmeridian-idaho-wedding-photographer-portraits2meridian-idaho-wedding-photography-portraitsmeridian-idaho-wedding-photographer-portraits4meridian-idaho-wedding-photographer-portraits6meridian-idaho-wedding-photographer-portraits5meridian-idaho-wedding-photography-details2meridian-idaho-wedding-photographer-miscmeridian-idaho-wedding-photography-partymeridian-idaho-wedding-photography-party3meridian-idaho-wedding-photography-party2meridian-idaho-wedding-photography-detailsmeridian-idaho-wedding-photography-ceremony3meridian-idaho-wedding-photography-ceremony2meridian-idaho-wedding-photography-ceremonymeridian-idaho-wedding-photography-receptionmeridian-idaho-wedding-photographer-reception2meridian-idaho-wedding-photographer-reception


4 thoughts on “Kaley + Dakoda – Meridian Wedding Photographer

  1. You did such a great job capturing all the moments! It still makes me cry when I see the pic of her dad picking her up and kissing her. That was my favorite part of the whole ceremony 🙂

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