Some of the best people I know – Boise family photographer

Ok, so I’m just slightly biased, seeing as how I’m doubly related to all the people in the following pictures.  My sister, Linda, and I married brothers a while back, one month apart from each other.   We were so glad to still share a last name and new in-laws together.  As sisters and sisters-in-law, we continually commiserate about our husbands’ similar characteristics like their love for Miracle Whip, sometimes-too-easy-going personalities, and overabundance of malodorous contributions.  I’m sure, however, that they have never discussed our unexplainable competitiveness in card games, inability to understand what a transmission does, or obvious control issues.  We always thought our kids would look very similar to each other, but other than the crazy factor, they’re all completely different.   Well, sis, I guess because you’re family, it took me an extra 2 months to get these pictures posted.   Hope you enjoy seeing them anyway!



Meet Dexter – Boise newborn photographer

I was so happy to spend some time with Kauri and her beautiful, “tiny” new baby boy, Dexter.  Well, he really wasn’t tiny by newborn standards, but we wanted to capture all those fuzzy, newborn moments before he gets too big too fast.  He was such a good sport that I just wanted to keep him after we were done.  Well, maybe until he wakes up at 2 in the morning.  Congratulations Kauri and Ryan!