Me and mine – Meridian family photographer

So this was definitely a collaborative effort with my sister.¬† We always help each other out with family pictures, but we always seem to wait until it’s bitterly cold outside. Brilliant idea with toddlers. Anyways, thank you Linda for making sure I have a few pictures of my own family on this blog. Although I never really planned on this whole crazy-motherhood-thing-with-4-kids, it’s turned out to be just what I wanted. Aghhh. Love them so much it hurts.



A walk through the lavender – Meridian Children’s Photographer

So I took these back in July but never had a chance to blog them. I drive by these lavender fields almost every day and knew that someday I would take Josie’s pictures there. Or Jason’s. But somehow the idea of Jason holding a bunch of lavender near his face didn’t have quite the same appeal. Anyways, Josie is my dream model. She sits and smiles and wants me to take her picture all day long. Only requirement is that I show her each one in the camera after I take it. Indeed, I sometimes have trouble getting more candid¬†shots of her because she is so aware of the camera. Quite precocious that one. Last week she looked in the mirror and whispered to herself, “adorable.” What’s a mom to do?