Broncos versus Gators – Boise Family Photographer

I don’t think they’ve ever actually played each other, but apparently they are fierce rivals. So even though everyone in this family is wearing blue and orange, they are from two different sides of the country and root for two different teams. I am so glad, however, that they decided to put differences aside and come together for some really fun portraits. Despite the overcast skies and wind in the air, we took advantage of some Idaho countryside and captured a little bit of what this family is all about. Thank you so much, friends, for such a great time. Enjoy your memories! And I’m sorry, but. . . . Go BSU!


Holidays and the rest of the R family – Boise family photographer

First of all, happy belated Thanksgiving to everyone and their families.  I have so much to be thankful for, and I never want to get to the point where I take any of it for granted.  I had a wonderful time the other day with the extended version of the R family.  I love big families!  I come from one.  It’s so nice to have a place where you always feel comfortable.  And welcomed.  And yourself.  I hope these pictures will help you remember all of the good things you love about your family!

Kimber – Class of 2013

I really have got to quit saying “I remember when you were born” to all these seniors.  It makes me sound. . .you know. . . old.  It’s weird though because some days I feel like high school was a million years ago and some days I still dream about forgetting my locker combination and I can’t find any of my classes.  Good or bad, memories from those days stick with you for a lifetime.  I hope, Kimber, that you have more good than bad and can look back at high school one day with a smile.  I had a wonderful day with you and your mom. . . and your grandma.  No one will believe us when we tell people what she did to make you laugh!  I loved hearing about your artsy side and can’t wait to see what the next few years hold for you.  Enjoy!

The R family on the river – Boise family photographer

What a pleasure to spend the morning with such a great family.  Even though I was hoping for just a sliver of sunshine to make its way through the clouds, I was still thankful for the mild weather and gorgeous colors this late in the year.  When that last leaf falls off the tree, I’m just going to cry.  Angie and Brian, you have some pretty terrific kids.  They were super smiley and extremely polite, two qualities that show you must be pretty terrific yourselves.  Thank you so much for making this shoot happen and I hope you enjoy the results.  I had a crazy hard time narrowing it down to these. . . so many good ones to choose from!

The three M’s . . . and their shoes – Idaho Children’s Photographer

Well, there are Christmas trees in all the stores, and the mornings are more than frigid, but I’m still in denial.  I guess nature is fighting it a bit too, especially with the dazzling fall days we’ve been having.  I was so happy to spend one of them with some pretty terrific kids and their awesome shoes.  In writing this, I realized that I have never actually owned a pair of Converse shoes.  This makes me think I might not be as cool as I sometimes think I am.  I digress.  All three of these kids have great personalities and an amazing ability to climb tall bridges and scare the wits out of me.  The lack of fear may explain some of the many broken bones I was informed of.  Anyway, I walked away inspired.  Inspired to buy some new shoes.  Inspired to never climb tall bridges:)

And just for fun. . . the many faces of Max.