Our world.

So this is our bedtime routine.  You know.  The time when you are supposed to calm the children down by softly reading story books and giving them baths infused with lavender.  Apparently, my husband does not read parenting techniques off the internet and instead believes that the more you wear them out, the better they’ll sleep whenever they actually do make it into their beds.  He tortures them.  They love it.  End of story.  Good night.



Lily and I are one!

Well, technically I am just slightly older than that. But one year ago I officially started my photography business by taking pictures of sweet Lily when she was first born. So hard to believe how fast a year can fly by! I’d like to think I’ve grown as much as Lily in one year (her cheeks suggest excellent health), but I know I have so much more to learn. I am super grateful to all my clients this first year who gave me the chance to see what I could do with a new camera and some poses I stole off of Pinterest. Thank you from the bottom of my very full heart for all of the encouragement and kind words! They mean more than you will know. Enough of me and more now of Lily, a perfectly chubby and beautiful almost 1-year-old!