A super cool family at The Village – Meridian Family Photographer

Aggggghhhhh, this was such a fun shoot! Honestly, I think it helps when I know the people so well. I don’t feel weird asking them to do funny things, and they don’t feel weird when I ask them to do funny things. Well, maybe they do, but they still oblige. Marcie and Mike, you are becoming regulars on my blog, but that’s a good thing! Feel free to revisit their engagement photos here and their wedding here. Seriously, you guys have an amazing family and I’m so glad we could have some fun together and capture some pictures along the way. I love them, I hope you do too!!!



Summertime by the river

It feels so good to be back in the saddle taking pictures again! It was a privilege to start off the summer with some long-time friends and our dear pastor and his wife. What a blessing they have been to our church and our family for like. . . ever. It made me sad that not everyone in the family ended up making it for the pictures, but maybe some day we’ll have another go at it. Anyway, we had a fine summer morning enjoying the sunshine and trying to keep grandkids out of the creek! These are the results.


Field of flowers (actually weeds)

Does anyone else drive down the road, constantly scanning in all directions for new locations to take pictures? My husband thinks I’m crazy, but I can’t shut it off! Even if it’s a road I’ve been down 100 times before. I analyze the light. I notice what time of day it is. I wonder if the owners would let me shoot there. A couple of days ago, I went into mourning when one of my favorite fields was bulldozed to probably make way for an unoriginal strip mall, no doubt. Anyway, this little gem is close to my house and the people who own it said I could explore to my heart’s content. Pure happiness. I waited until the weeds, er. . . . flowers, were just perfect and marched the littlest right down to take some pictures. Who knew that the light would be absolutely glorious? Ahhhhhh. Doesn’t get any better.