Friends from South America – Meridian family photographer

Who would have thought they would come all the way from South America just to get their pictures taken in frigid Idaho weather? Well, perhaps there were other reasons for visiting as well. It’s been so nice catching up with them and it will be so hard to see them leave again in a few weeks! Katie, my dear friend, we worked so hard to find the perfect time for pictures and ended up on a freezing day with snow and rain. All I have to say, is you and your family are such troopers! Such perfect smiles in between all the shivering, hand warmers, and raindrop dodging. No one will even be able to tell! It was definitely a memory we will refer back to for years to come. Love you guys!meridian-family-photographer-downtown-2meridian-family-photographer-downtown-1meridian-family-photographer-downtown-5meridian-childrens-photographer-downtown-1meridian-family-photographer-downtown-4meridian-family-photographer-downtown-6meridian-childrens-photographer-downtown-2