My sweet 5 year old – Meridian childrens photographer

Well, I will apologize in advance for posting too many pictures here.  But seriously, could she be any cuter?  Her dad and I always jokingly wonder where she came from, because sweetness does not run in either side of the family.  She is the one who will run toward you rather than away if you threaten to tickle her.  She once asked if she could be a missionary so she could wear a dress every day.  Whenever she prays, she thanks God for a dad who “wooks” so hard.  She shares everything.  And she likes to rub my head whenever she sits by me.  I don’t deserve her, but I sure do love her and her crazy, curly hair.



Sweet Kaley Jane – Meridian newborn photographer

So this was the sleepiest and tiniest little newborn I have worked with in a long time.  She was such a doll and I felt bad every time I had to move her, because she was so good for us!  Congratulations Brian and Geri, you have a beautiful family of girls.   I hope you enjoy every minute as you travel down this path a third time, with two adoring big sisters to help.


Quirky girl in lace – Meridian children’s photographer

Well, I can call her quirky, because I’m her mother.  Plus I don’t want any boys thinking she’s too nice:)  Actually, the plan is to lock her up until about 30 or so.  And her dad wants it mentioned that he owns guns.  Lots of guns.  Ah, my beautiful girl, it’s so hard and wonderful watching you grow up.  In one picture, I see this smart, sweet, slip of a girl who loves life and relishes it.  In the next, I can still see remnants of her chubby cheeks as an infant.  How does this happen?  This transition from cute to lovely.  From helpless to independent.  From baby to girl to. . . . woman.  I know she’s not there yet, but the future seems to be moving faster and faster.  Everyone tells you how fast it goes, but only time convinces you.  Perhaps that is why pictures are amazing things.  They capture, for  an instant, what you are so desperately trying to hold onto.  That look she gives.  The way she moves her hair.  Her funny skip.  My quirky girl.

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