Kyla turns 1!

Can someone please tell me why I didn’t take pictures like this of my girls?  My sister and I had so much fun putting together this shoot for my sweet little niece. My sister has 3 older boys so she is loving every minute of pink with her baby girl.  As you can see, she was super smiley for us and loved the balloons!  Of course, once we put the pink lollipop in her hands it was VERY difficult to take it away from her later.  Note to self, save sticky props for the very end when you need it most.  Happy Birthday Kyla!


Little cowboys. . . and chickens.

Well you sure can tell we live in Idaho! These 3 handsome guys are enjoying country life with some open space and the grave responsibility of raising chickens. Too bad the chickens weren’t particularly keen on posing for our pictures!  Although I didn’t include them here, the most hilarious pictures are the ones I caught with Sarah (mom) running all directions in the background trying to corral the chickens to where we wanted them.  Don’t worry Sarah, I will save those for a later date :).  In the end, we snapped up some memories of fuzzy animals and little boys. . . which just seem to belong together.

Marcie and Mike engagement

How can I begin to express how thrilled I am for these two people? Two people who have waited long enough for happiness to come around again. He makes her laugh with his silly faces and she makes him smile just by walking by.  Thank you both for making it so easy to be your “phatagrapher.”  I appreciate the many laughs, even though I only had one, maybe two, funny lines!  Marcie, seriously, I love ya like a sister.  I had a way hard time picking out pictures for this post, because there were so many great ones.  Enjoy and I’ll see you in August!

My sometimes sweet girl

If she’s had a good night sleep. . . and it’s early in the day. . . and she’s got food in her tummy. . . and she gets what she wants. . . and no older siblings are around. . . then this little cutie pie is a happy girl.  Since the stars and the planets all aligned the other day, I took advantage of the rare moment and snapped some pictures.  Everyone says you don’t document your fourth child nearly as much as your first child, which I definitely think is true in my case.  The good news is the pictures themselves have improved!  The bad news is they are all on my hard drive and yet to be printed or scrapped.  It’s ok. . . baby books don’t technically need to be finished until they graduate high school:)