Some of the best people I know – Boise family photographer

Ok, so I’m just slightly biased, seeing as how I’m doubly related to all the people in the following pictures.  My sister, Linda, and I married brothers a while back, one month apart from each other.   We were so glad to still share a last name and new in-laws together.  As sisters and sisters-in-law, we continually commiserate about our husbands’ similar characteristics like their love for Miracle Whip, sometimes-too-easy-going personalities, and overabundance of malodorous contributions.  I’m sure, however, that they have never discussed our unexplainable competitiveness in card games, inability to understand what a transmission does, or obvious control issues.  We always thought our kids would look very similar to each other, but other than the crazy factor, they’re all completely different.   Well, sis, I guess because you’re family, it took me an extra 2 months to get these pictures posted.   Hope you enjoy seeing them anyway!



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