Tyler and Marina sitting in a tree. . .

Ok, so it’s a little challenging doing outdoor pictures in Idaho. . . in February.  But it had to be done!  Tyler and Marina are getting married in May and the engagement pictures couldn’t wait.  So we braved the cold, gray skies, froze our fingers, and dodged cowpies, but ended up with some beautiful pictures!  Tyler and Marina, thank you so much for taking me on good faith and trusting me with your engagement photos.  I had so much fun getting to know you!  Marina, now you can check one thing off of that really long list of things to do for your wedding.  And Ty, your secret Nacho Libre impression is safe with me.


Baby girl Lily

What a privilege to photograph tiny, new babies!  Lily is a beautiful baby girl surrounded by an amazing family.  It’s quite the change from a family of four to a family of five, but once you’re there, it’s hard to imagine life without that  new addition.  Congratulations to mom and dad, as well as big brother and sister.  Thank you once again for letting me set up camp in your house and take a million pictures.  You have been such troopers while I try and figure things out!  You have such a beautiful family, and I’m glad to get to know you better.  God Bless and try to get some sleep 🙂

Jen’s having a baby soon!

I am seriously so grateful to my sweet friend Jen for letting me photograph her just a week or so before she was due to have a new little baby girl.  As I can remember from personal experience, no one feels their lovliest when they are nearly 9 months pregnant, but Jen looks AMAZING.  If I could look that gorgeous I might just consider having another sweet little one myself.  I can only write that in all seriousness, because there is precisely 0% chance of that happening.  Anyway, much love to Jen for letting me follow her around her house with a camera and pretend to be a profressional photographer.  Yes, that’s right, proFRESSional.  I can’t wait to meet her new arrival and am praying for a swift and easy delivery for her (wouldn’t we all like that!).

Here we go!

Welcome to my new blog site.  I’m so excited to enter the world of portrait photography!  I’ve been practicing on my own children for so long that they’re more than ready to give up the spotlight for someone else.  I realize that a white sheet in the background and a love for Photoshop do not automatically make you a professional photographer, but I have high aspirations.  More than anything I want to help people capture those fleeting moments in their families in a comfortable setting and at a price that won’t make them cringe.  Cringing never seems to make for amazing pictures, anyway.  Enjoy!