Caleb and Avery – Great Grandkids – Treasure Valley Children’s Photographer

Everybody’s grandkids are the cutest, but these two have a particular hold on Grammy and PaPaw.  And no wonder.  They were absolutely adorable, and we had a great time playing in the park with all of PaPaw’s toys.  Thanks so much to their Grammy who made this shoot happen and provided so many of the little details to make it special.  Truly, your grandkids are beautiful and you have every reason to be proud.  I think you should order one of every picture and carry them around in your wallet in case random strangers ask you about your grandkids!  Enjoy!


Matthew and Rachel dodging raindrops – Boise engagement photographer

Well, we all knew it would happen some day, right?  After a long 8 weeks at bootcamp, Matthew came home to Rachel and asked her to marry him.  Of course, she said. . . yes!!!!!  With just a few days to be together before he shipped out again, I was grateful they asked me to spend some time with them and capture this amazing time in their lives.  The weather, however, was not aware of our time constraints and drizzely rain was our company for the entire time.  If you look closely, you can see the drops in her hair, on his jacket.  But honestly, it could have been a thunderstorm and they wouldn’t have minded.  A few moments together, laughing in the rain, was a perfect way to spend the afternoon.  Rachel and Matthew, I am so incredibly happy for you and I hope you love your pictures!



Cody – Columbia High Senior – Boise Senior Photographer

Cody is a super cool senior at Columbia, and I had such a great time getting to know him better as we explored downtown Boise for random backdrops.  He plays lacrosse and has a beautiful girlfriend named Bailey.  Between her, myself, and mom, I think we managed some genuine smiles from the stoic senior.  Thanks so much Cody for seeing the potential of dark alleys and dangerous ledges!  I hope you have an amazing senior year with memories that will last your whole life.

Baker family outtakes

So even a photographer likes to have family pictures done once in a while and my super talented sister, Linda Baker, helped us out last night in an attempt to get that ever elusive perfect family shot.  Instead, we got the following.  Really, there’s nothing quite as fun as dressing up your kids and sitting them in wet grass, then trying vainly to maintain a sing-song, super positive mommy attitude while throwing all parenting skills out the window and instead relying solely on bribery and cajoling (whew, long sentence).  It actually worked for a brief period of time and I’ll share our “nice” ones in another post, but for now you can enjoy those “real” moments in between.

Skipping stones and getting wet – Boise family photographer

One thing I love about photographing people I know is the chance to actually SPEND TIME with them! I have been friends with Stephanie and James for such a long, long time and yet we’re always going to get together. . . next week. Anyway, it’s a little scary how much Steph and I have in common. For example, braces, college chemistry all-nighters, an unusual interest in dissection, and mostly inept attempts at motherhood and anything domestic. One thing that’s different is that she has boys and I have mostly girls. Perhaps someday we’ll be able to merge them (wink). For our photo shoot, we had a perfectly beautiful evening along the Boise River full of rocks, trees, dirt and water. . . heaven for boys.