Baby Ellie – Boise newborn photographer

What a delicious baby! (name that movie) Really, I could just eat her up. Ellie is clearly a sweet and content baby, she just doesn’t like photo props! We tried in vain to coax and tease her into a variety of fur and hats and bows, but in the end decided on a more “natural” approach. And truly, this baby is a natural beauty. I guess she knew she didn’t need all that extra stuff. Ben and Ashlynn, thanks so much for being patient with my experimenting and congratulations on your sweet family. You two are amazing parents already, and I’m so proud of you! Here are a few of my favorite pics. Hope you enjoy!


The N family – Boise children’s photographer

Cough, cough. There is so much smoke in the valley right now because of all the wildfires that you can hardly see the sun! I wasn’t exactly sure how it would affect my shoot with these three adorable kids, but everything worked out great. We set up shop in a local apple orchard and had lots of fun. . . and candy. I loved, loved their bright colors and I’m pretty sure I need to go buy myself some pink boots!

Paul, Kathy and. . . . Harvey – Treasure Valley Family Photographer

I knew this photo shoot with Paul and Kathy would be a hoot, and I wasn’t disappointed!  They both have loads of personality and the addition of their spunky dog, Harvey, was icing on the cake.  I’m so glad they felt so relaxed and natural in front of my camera.  Perhaps, there were moments when they were TOO relaxed, but I’ll save those pictures for them later:)  My only disappointment was that I didn’t get a single cow (Kathy has a slight obsession with them) into any of these pictures.  Kathy, maybe we can try for those another day!  Enjoy!

The C Family – Boise Family Photographer

We go waaaaayyy back.  Way back to high school and college days full of memories that we wouldn’t trade the world for.  And here we are today pretending to be grownups. . . well, most of the time. I’ve been looking forward to this photo shoot for a long time and I’m so thrilled with the results! Christy, seriously.  You are gorgeous and so is the rest of your perfect family. Thanks for following my every whim as we traipsed through my new favorite location with the most amazing light. I hope you can see these from Hawaii!!!!

Marcie and Mike happily ever after – Boise Wedding Photographer

Where do I begin?  This wedding between Marcie and Mike brought so much happiness for so many people, and I was blessed to have a part in it.  Just like the pink and orange sand, two families were blended together in a beautiful way.  I think almost everyone had a tear in their eye at some point, but there was enough laughter and fun that the evening truly represented THEM.  All the vibrant pink and orange details, including an amazing pair of orange heels, were perfectly put together by the bride’s best friend, Christy.  So many other fun touches were added by friends and family, making it a remarkably personal event.  Thank you Marcie and Mike for having faith that God would bring love around to you again.  It made the rest of us stop for a minute and be grateful for all the goodness He provides.