Ally + David

It was revealed during the toasts, that both Ally and David were nervous around each other when they first met. An obvious sign that there was something different about them. Several years later and the nervousness has given place to love and the knowledge that they were meant to be together for always. I was so privileged to help Ally and David capture their perfect wedding day at Fox Canyon Vineyards in Marsing. The view was stunning, as were all the details that Ally, her mom, and sister obviously put so much time and thought into. Ally and David, thank you so much for making it so easy for me to be your photographer! You were so accommodating and kind, and I enjoyed watching every minute of your sweet and totally fun wedding from behind my camera lens. I wish you the best of everything in the years to come!

Allyson chose an amazing Vera Wang wedding dress. Makes me want to get married all over again.

meridian-idaho-canyon-wedding-photography-16meridian-idaho-canyon-wedding-photography-17meridian-idaho-canyon-wedding-photography-23meridian-idaho-canyon-wedding-photography-22The bride and groom opted for a first look, which I was so happy for. We had plenty of time for wedding portraits in the gorgeous afternoon light.

meridian-idaho-canyon-wedding-photography-18meridian-idaho-canyon-wedding-photography-19meridian-idaho-canyon-wedding-photography-24meridian-idaho-canyon-wedding-photography-25Ally, seriously. So gorgeous.

meridian-idaho-canyon-wedding-photography-26meridian-idaho-canyon-wedding-photography-27meridian-idaho-canyon-wedding-photography-3meridian-idaho-canyon-wedding-photography-4meridian-idaho-canyon-wedding-photography-7meridian-idaho-canyon-wedding-photography-1meridian-idaho-canyon-wedding-photography-2meridian-idaho-canyon-wedding-photography-5meridian-idaho-canyon-wedding-photography-8meridian-idaho-canyon-wedding-photography-9meridian-idaho-canyon-wedding-photography-20meridian-idaho-canyon-wedding-photography-21meridian-idaho-canyon-wedding-photography-36meridian-idaho-canyon-wedding-photography-35meridian-idaho-canyon-wedding-photography-12meridian-idaho-canyon-wedding-photography-11meridian-idaho-canyon-wedding-photography-14meridian-idaho-canyon-wedding-photography-10meridian-idaho-canyon-wedding-photography-15meridian-idaho-canyon-wedding-photography-29meridian-idaho-canyon-wedding-photography-28The sweetest father daughter dance ever. I was bawling behind my camera.meridian-idaho-canyon-wedding-photography-30meridian-idaho-canyon-wedding-photography-32meridian-idaho-canyon-wedding-photography-31meridian-idaho-canyon-wedding-photography-34meridian-idaho-canyon-wedding-photography-38meridian-idaho-canyon-wedding-photography-40meridian-idaho-canyon-wedding-photography-37meridian-idaho-canyon-wedding-photography-6
DJ – Fantasia Sight and Sound
Flowers – Rubbles Ramblin Rose
Catering – Olive Garden
Cake – 64 Cakes


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