Sweet blondie

So while we were up camping with my sister and her family, we planned some pictures for my sweet little niece. I mean, why not take advantage of the glorious mountains and idyllic fields! I had thought about this the last time we were camping, when aforementioned mountains and fields were the background for MY kids’ grubby faces and mismatched camping clothes. So this time, we came prepared! In between digging in the dirt and gobbling up sticky s’mores, we scrubbed her up good and put sparkling clean clothes on her. Lucky girl! With promises of more dirt and more s’mores, we went in search of mountains and fields and were not disappointed. Ahhhh, I do love Idaho!



One thought on “Sweet blondie

  1. sure wish we could get on your schedule! Great pictures!!!!! Can you suggest some one else that might fit us in?

    Sue Thomas

    Psalm 112

    Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2014 04:02:24 +0000 To: drtdst@live.com

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