Big Surprise!

Springtime in Idaho just makes me want to go out and snap pictures every day! I feel like I’ve been holed up in my house all winter without much creative outlet and my photography ideas are bursting in my head. I tend to drive down the road thinking every green patch or field with a fence is an opportunity waiting to happen. Before it actually got warm, I pushed Halle outside and took the following pictures. You can tell the green wasn’t quite happening yet, but we still enjoyed the anticipation of spring! So here’s my big announcement. I’ve decided on a way to enjoy my photography and business and still (hopefully) maintain some balance in other areas of my life. Kudos to those of you who can do it without putting harsh restrictions on yourself, but I apparently cannot. Anyhoooo. Periodically, throughout the year, I will make a limited number of photography sessions available. They will be offered on a first come, first serve basis to the clients who first pay their session fees.  For the summer of 2014, I will offer 5 sessions. These could be family, senior, engagement or individual sessions. It’s actually not too early to do 2015 graduating senior sessions. As of right now, I will not be offering newborn sessions. Smallish, outdoor weddings are a possibility, and you may call to discuss a quote if you would like. You can pay through Paypal on my website, here, on the “Pay Now” page, or you can always pay me in person. I hope this is good news for some of you who have been wanting to get pictures done and I’m super excited to get creating again!



One thought on “Big Surprise!

  1. So excited your somewhat back!! These pictures of Halle are absolutely darling. What a knock out……:-)

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