Good times with the W family – Meridian family photographer

Oh, yes, summer is officially here and I’m as giddy as I was in college.  No homework for 3 months!  Too bad that didn’t include no housework for 3 months.  But anyway, summertime is my favorite.  I actually like it hot.  I don’t even mind it REALLY hot.  The evenings have been just perfect for photos sessions, and I met up with an old friend to get some fresh family pictures of her and her crew.  Katie, you have an awesome family!  You know those 3 boys are going to be serious heartbreakers in another few years.   They did SO good for me and had fun just doing what boys do.  Of course. . . that had to include some fart noises along the way.  I’m growing to love fart noises myself, as they always make for some pretty big grins!  Thanks again and enjoy your pictures!



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