My backyard.

So I pretty much have a love/hate relationship with my backyard. I love it in the spring. Hate it in the summer. When we moved in this house 8 years ago, we inherited an amazing yard full of aspiring flower beds, overgrown bushes and trees, and a plethora of unique niches, each with a personality all their own. Clearly, the previous owners were either landscape architects or retirees with way too much time on their hands. It had sat vacant for one year before we moved in, so the potential beauty was hidden under 3 foot weeds. We’ve been taming the monster ever since. Every spring, I LOVE my backyard. It’s full of green lusciousness and flowers I don’t even know the name too. Then summer hits, and the weeds take over my life. Here are some pictures from the “love” phase. I’m off to buy some more garden gloves!



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