The E family slightly windblown – Meridian family photography

I’ve just recently noticed that most of my posts mention weather in them.  I suppose that’s because my pictures kind of depend on it!  I mean, can the wind just please stop?  Seriously!  Regardless, I had lots of fun with these BSU fans down by the river.  Just know that I have some pretty funny outtakes with long hair flying all over the place!  Ginger, please tell Dave that I think his shirt suits him perfectly:)  Enjoy!meridian-family-pictures-nature-2meridian-family-pictures-nature-3meridian-family-pictures-nature-4meridian-family-pictures-nature-5meridian-family-pictures-nature-1meridian-family-pictures-nature-6meridian-family-pictures-boise-state-3meridian-family-pictures-boise-state-4meridian-family-pictures-boise-state-2meridian-family-pictures-boise-state-1meridian-family-pictures-boise-state-5


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