Karys and Thomas – Boise engagement photographer

It’s crazy how  two people who’ve known each other forever, one day see each other in a whole new light. It’s like waking up and seeing the world for the first time. Everything is different. Everything is good. Karys and Thomas, although I never imagined the two of you together, it’s obvious now that you are a perfect match. Two country peas in a pod. You truly bring out the best parts of each other. I loved hanging out with you and seeing how much fun you had together. It inspired me and took me back to when I was there! I hope you make the most out of this amazing time in your life and I can’t wait to see your country wedding in June! Enjoy.

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7 thoughts on “Karys and Thomas – Boise engagement photographer

  1. Congratulations, Karys!! It is just unbelievable to see the evidences of passing time… You look absolutely lovely, and the pictures are so sweet! 🙂

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