Elisabeth + Derek

Their story came out piece by piece as part of their wedding invitation, then his testimony, and finally their vows. The first time their eyes met at church, they both felt something spark. Elisabeth wondered who the dark haired stranger was and where he came from. But she was reserved. Her walls were carefully built and she guarded her feelings well. Derek was making a fresh start. He was hopeful of the future, though never really dreaming of all the good things God had in store for him. A month later, they had their first date. And a month after that they were engaged. Elisabeth and Derek, if ever two people deserved love at first sight, it is you. I wish you the best of everything as you begin your lives together. It was a privilege and so much fun to document your beautiful wedding at the 4th Street Gardens in Emmett. Looks like you’re having a blast on your cruise! Enjoy:)

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Falls sessions open!

Yay! I’m opening a few sessions up for the fall. Not so yay. Only a few. Up for grabs are 3 sessions, one in September, October, and November. They can be senior, family, or engagement. I really do wish I could accommodate everyone who has contacted me about pictures, but . . . I can’t. First come, first serve. You can either call and set up arrangements for payment, or you can pay through paypal on my website, here. Can’t wait to hear from you and plan out some amazing fall shoots!

emery low

At home with the Bradleys

I literally get teary when I see great images of families and kids. I guess because it’s dawning on me that those times don’t last forever. In some ways that’s good. I mean, you REALLY don’t want to wake up at 2 am every night or be stepping on legos for the rest of your life. Or maybe you do. . .   I am sure that one day, others with kids and I will wake up and wish for legos, and middle of the night cries, and snotty faces, and snuggles, and tickles, and all the beautiful, heart-wrenching parts of parenthood and childhood. For now, we will just soak it all in.


Brown eyed girls

It is definitely the middle of July. Hot. Dry. Hot. So glad Geri and her family met me bright and early before we melted in the blazing sun. We started out with a bee sting, but the girls were troopers and pretty darn tough. Geri, you have such a beautiful family and some sweet, sweet girls. I know you’re enjoying this fleeting time with them! Hope these pictures help cement the memories in your mind.


Sweet blondie

So while we were up camping with my sister and her family, we planned some pictures for my sweet little niece. I mean, why not take advantage of the glorious mountains and idyllic fields! I had thought about this the last time we were camping, when aforementioned mountains and fields were the background for MY kids’ grubby faces and mismatched camping clothes. So this time, we came prepared! In between digging in the dirt and gobbling up sticky s’mores, we scrubbed her up good and put sparkling clean clothes on her. Lucky girl! With promises of more dirt and more s’mores, we went in search of mountains and fields and were not disappointed. Ahhhh, I do love Idaho!